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Title: To Be, part one
Author: Artifuss
Email: arti@rogers.com

Summary: Earth is in a lot of trouble, and Daniel feels that Jack needs to come back home.
Rating: R
Spoilers: It's a tag to Season Seven "Lost City 2", so pretty much anything prior should be considered spoiled. Particularly: "Enemy Mine", "Meridian" and "Thor's Hammer"
Category: Action/Angst Pairing: J/D

Archive: Um... well it's not done yet...
Warning: None so far. Next installment(s) will deal with a very temporary character death.
Author’s Note: Huge thanks and kudos to QuinGem for betaing. Any and all mistakes are mine.

To Be
part three


“What is it that troubles you my son?”

Looking towards the fading horizon cast over the dunes, Skaara had been meditating over some very recent events. He was on the upper floor balcony of his family’s home. It was spacious and quiet, and he found it to be the perfect place to sort out his thoughts. He had spent quite a bit of time here lately, and his father knew this.

He turned to his father to explain, “Both Colonel O’Neill and my brother, your Good Son Danyel, have joined our path once again, Father. But I don’t believe that they will be here for very long, and they are planning to forsake many of the rules the elder ones have created.”

Kasuf was surprised to hear about his Good Son’s return to their path so soon, but at the same time, he was very happy that Danyel was capable of rejoining the fold. It had pained him to not speak to or comfort the young man when Danyel was last a part of this existence. He was not surprised, however, to find out that both he and O’Neill were about to reshape the rules to their own benefit. Those two warriors were mostly capable of creating trouble, which still gave him much unnecessary worry, even in this new level of his being. They were two boys trapped in bodies that were much too old for either of them. Kasuf chuckled, remembering all the times he had seen Danyel and O’Neill causing some sort of excitement whenever they had come for a visit on Abydos.

He knew that his Good Son had never truly forgiven himself for Shau’ri’s death, and he had been waiting for the right moment when he could give Danyel the forgiveness that he had never sought. Kasuf would always miss his wife and his daughter, and would forever mourn for the child of his Daughter and Good Son that had given up life so many years ago now. He had nothing but good memories of his wife Maaran and his daughter Shau’ri, and he would always thank the gods for giving them life, however short it was.

Today would be a good day to speak with his Good Son.

“You will go to them, yes?”

“Yes Father, I will leave now.”

“Safe journey and peace, my son.” Skaara hugged his father and left in search for his errant brother and mentor.


“Daniel? Where are we?” They were walking. Jack had expected that they would be soaring through space, but no, instead they were taking a walk down along a rough dirt road. And there were trees, for cryin’ out loud! By the book of O’Neill, trees were now a cliché.

“Trust me, Jack. This is uh, the fastest route possible.” Daniel kept turning around, checking out everything in sight, sometimes even halting to touch the bark of a tree or watch a bird sing. He was in awe of his surroundings, Jack could tell.

“So, where are we?”

“Well, the Ancients created this artificial highway. Every living organism will die at some point obviously, and there are some Ancients that devote their time to ascend different beings, such as that chick-a-dee up there. This path is meant for us to move quickly within sub-space…”

“You’re telling me that this nice romantic stroll within these woods is the quickest way to get from point A to point B?”

Daniel snickered while eyeing Jack from under his lashes, “Romantic?”

“All we need is for that sun to be setting over those hills there, and I would probably start serenading you.” There were hills here! What the hell? Should he really be feeling this surprised? What happened to Oma Desala being shunned from the other ancients for helping dying people to ascend? What? Now there’s a whole group of Oma Desala’s creating some sort of Matrix where they could interact? A pseudo-corporeal society? He had a hard time giving his trust, and what little he had given to the Ancients was slowly dwindling away.

“Oh, please!” Daniel exclaimed, tugging Jack away from his musings, “Don’t! Really, that’s ok. I could um… live a good life… without your singing.” He was now in a full out fit of laughter at the idea of Jack trying to sing for him. Daniel was even showing tear streaks running down his face. Jack used his shoulder to try to shove the other man to one side of the road as payback for the insult, though he was laughing too.

Regaining some form of control, Daniel began to explain where they really were, while wiping the few remaining tears away. “Actually, we’ve already crossed a few solar systems. See those inroads? Each fork takes you to a different sector based on an innumerable amount of galaxies.”

“But why walking? Why couldn’t we take a car, a train, or even ride a bike?”

“Well, are you feeling tired, Jack?”

“Um, no.”

“That would be because we don’t really require rest, although meditating for a period of time every now and then is fairly helpful. But, I guess we could ride bikes… for its… romantic purposes… a bike for two maybe?” Chuckling, he was about ready to start on another fit again.

As much as Jack was enjoying their banter, especially since it hadn’t been too long since they could barely speak a word to each other without snapping, he had to remember that they were here for another purpose. Their new found relationship would have to wait. Jack needed all the information that Daniel could give him about their new status. “I thought you didn’t remember much about your ascension?”

“I remember this particular road. I thought these memories of it came from one of our missions. I couldn’t corroborate them with any planet that we had visited, but I somehow knew that this,” waving his arms around the scenery for emphasis, “wasn’t a place on Earth. Coming back helped me remember the system.”

“So, you took one of these roads to get to the Antarctic from the SGC?”

“No, there was no need to do so. Relatively speaking, the distance–”

“O’Neill! Danyel!”

Both Jack and Daniel stopped and turned towards the direction of the voice that had just beckoned them.

“Skaara!” It was clear that Jack was happy to see the boy. Daniel could tell this, simply by his friend’s relaxed stance, twinkling eyes and wide grin.

Skaara was coming from one of the paths that they were previously discussing and it didn’t take long for him to meet up with his brothers-in-arms. He gave both men a warrior’s greeting, by grasping their forearms and shook once, and he made his own twist of the tradition by patting each one on the back at the same time as the shake.

“I had heard of your return, Danyel and wished to welcome you both. I understand that you are on a journey, but please come with me back to my home. We must talk.”

Jack took a quick glance at Daniel and said, “We would love to Skaara, but we can’t. At least, not… right now. We have some friends that are in trouble and need our help.”

“Yes, I do understand, my friend. But I believe that this will help you both. Much has changed since we last spoke.” Skaara turned around and headed back for his home, confident that both Jack and Daniel would follow.

“I know that the Asgard are in trouble Jack, but maybe we should go with Skaara first. He wouldn’t try to stop us if it wasn’t important.”

Skaara had been on this higher plane for a little over a year, and still had all of his memories from his time here. It would be a tactical advantage, but also, Jack had missed the young man. He simply nodded, and made his move off of the main road and onto the path that Skaara had taken, with Daniel only a few steps behind him.


“Major Carter? Master Teal’c?” Lieutenant Reynolds called, standing just outside the tent that belonged to the Jaffa. “Dr. Weir has contacted us from the SGC and says that it’s urgent for her to speak with the both of you.” He had barely finished relaying his message, when both members of SG-1 ran out of the tent, nearly knocking him over. Sam turned while she was running to say thanks to the lieutenant.

It took them only a few minutes to get to the ‘Gate, where the wormhole between the two worlds was still open. They ran over to the left of it, to reach the Communications and Control center. Inside, they found the command’s day crew, going through their daily schedule to make the Alpha Site as secure as possible. Sam sat down on a chair, and Teal’c stood behind her. In front of them was the central communications link where they could speak with the SGC when needed.

One of the sergeants came forward with further information, “The connection to the SGC has already been established, major. Go ahead.”

“SGC? This is Major Samantha Carter. Please, come in.”

“Major Carter, this is Dr. Weir. I have some news concerning Colonel O’Neill and Dr. Jackson.” She paused for a beat, not quite knowing the best way to put the information into words, “They’re no longer in the Antarctic.”

Sam looked up at Teal’c and asked, “Where are they now?”

“We don’t know, Major. We are assuming, based only on the facts that we know, that Colonel O’Neill ascended--”



“My apologies, Doctor. I’m just surprised that Ja-- that the Colonel would do that. I didn’t think he would ever take that option. I’m sorry, please, continue.”

“As I was saying… We’re assuming that the first Ancient we saw was Dr. Jackson, just a short while ago a second Ancient appeared and Colonel O’Neill was gone. It was too bright for anyone to determine that O’Neill actually turned into the other ancient, but that’s the best we’ve got. Now you and Master Teal’c were the closest to both of them. I need to know where they’ve gone.”

Teal’c leaned over Sam to get closer to the microphone to say, “They could possibly be making their way back to the SGC.”

“That’s one idea, yes Master Teal’c. But I would have assumed that they would have been here by now.”

Sam and Teal’c looked at each other, baffled by the current turn of events. Where could their friends be?


“Welcome! Welcome! Please, come in and sit! We have much to talk about.” Kasuf shook hands with both O’Neill and his Good Son. They had entered a large stone-walled building, built similar to what they had on Abydos. They all sat down on the cushions laid on the floor, in a sort of semi-circle, with Kasuf and Skaara in the middle.

“It is good to see that you are doing well, Good Father.” Daniel was happy to see them look as healthy as one could be as an Ascended.

“Yes we are well here, but I understand that you won’t be staying for very long Danyel.” This admission had Daniel shooting glances at Jack for help. What was he supposed to say to that?

“Yes well…” Jack began, “We have a few friends who are in trouble and we’re going to…”

“help…” Daniel interjected.

“Right, help them out. Do you have a problem with that, sir?” Jack knew where Kasuf’s loyalty was placed. First and foremost was Skaara, but if Kasuf had anything to do about it, his Good Son would have stayed on Abydos after Shau’ri was found and buried. He still remembered the talk that he had with Daniel about Kasuf’s wishes.

“He wants me to stay.”

“What for? Look… I know that you’ve been a part of his family for a while now, but why would he want his dead daughter’s husband to stick around?” He knew his words had to have sounded callous to the younger man’s ears, but he couldn’t figure out why Kasuf would want Daniel.

“Well you’ve just stated the ‘why’, Jack. I’m part of his family. He’s lost his daughter, and his son is still out there too. With Shau’ri…. gone.” She was gone, all that work and it ended with her buried underneath the sands of Abydos, “With his daughter gone, he wants any piece of her that’s still left to be around him. I am part of Shau’ri. I was so from the moment we married.”

“You’re not staying here Daniel.”

“Why not?”

“Because you are part of Earth’s flagship team!”

“I was a part of your team to find Shau’ri! I’ve found her! I’ve...” He tried to contain it, but the sob escaped past his lips while he tried to drawn in a breath. Immediately, Jack was right there, holding him while he finally let go over the wife he’d never get to make love to again, never get to see smile, or laugh, or even scold. No more chances to show her his world, or try to start their own family again. She was gone.

It took a few moments to settle the earth shattering feeling he held deep within, “I told him I couldn’t stay, Jack. I told him that I still had to find his-- his son and grandchild for him.” He probably shouldn’t have let Jack think that he had thought about staying on Abydos, but to go or stay was his decision alone to make, not Jack’s. With his head was resting on Jack’s shoulder, his tears still flowing, he let Jack know the entire story. He had to make sure that Jack knew that he wasn’t leaving him behind. That was something that Daniel would never do if he could help it. He felt Jack’s hands in his hair and stroking the base line of his neck while he still let his tears run over his loss.

That same evening, Kasuf had requested Colonel O’Neill’s presence, alone.

When Jack entered his quarters, Kasuf was pacing in the middle of his room. He stopped and turned to his visitor, “O’Neill.”

“Kasuf. Is there something wrong?” The man was dressed in special robes, suitable for the death of his daughter, and his eyes had betrayed him by being blood red.

“It is about Danyel.”

“He’s going to be staying with us.”

“Yes, I understand. I want you to promise me that he will stay safe! I once had a beautiful family, and I will always be grateful for you bringing my Good Son to me. The demons destroyed that family I had. I know that you are looking for my son and my daughter’s child. Just make sure when you bring both of them back, that my Good Son returns too. Even if it’s only for a short time.”

“Daniel is his own man, sir. I can’t make him do anything he doesn’t wish to do.” Not from lack of trying! Jack had added silently.

“I wish to have my family back, O’Neill.”

“You are both willing to defy the elders.” It wasn’t a question that Kasuf asked, for he already knew this to be true.

“We need to save our friends, Good Father.”

“The elders helped you to become one of them, and now you are going to disrespect their wishes. Tell me, if I told you not to act on your thoughts, would you still go? Would you defy my wishes, Danyel?”

“Good Father, I—”

“He wouldn’t do anything to intentionally harm you, Kasuf. You already know that.” Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing from the old man. What does a year on this plane of existence do to a person? Had Skaara been affected too? He would always remember how Daniel had acted while he was a prisoner of Ba’al. The old Daniel had an amazing fight with the newer version that day, and lucky for him, they were able to make a compromise to set him free. Something about this place changed a person, and he wasn’t too sure if it was for the better.

“No, I don’t believe he would. It is in both of you to do as what you see fit, without regard of what others might think. That is something that I can’t help but admire. Tell me Danyel, when you save your friends, what will you do next?”

“Go home, I guess. I promised Sam that we would go back home.”

“I see. When Skaara told me that you were once again on this path with us, I was very pleased. He then told me that you did not intend to follow the way of the elders. At this, I was not surprised of, and I do understand. But you must understand, absolute power is a very dangerous thing, my son. It is something that has to be used wisely.”

“I know this, Good Father.”

“Do you? You were sent away last time for trying to misuse these gifts.”

“I was trying to save Abydos!”

“You once told me my son, that one life is not worth more than another. Do you not remember this?”

“Yes, we were discussing about the futures of any children that Shau’ri and I might have had. You were telling me about the different values of each son should I sire any.”

“And you still found a right to use your powers against Anubis.”

“He was a Goa’uld!”

“He was still a life.”

“He was pure evil.” Daniel ground out. Yes, theoretically speaking, all life deserved a fair chance. Any child of his would have received his love equally, but he couldn’t understand how Kasuf could compare those ideals with the destruction of the Goa’uld.

“Only in your eyes! Not everyone would agree with you.”

“He killed you.” Daniel stated sadly. He felt despair each and every time he thought about what happened to his adopted family and their people.

“Yes he did. And with good fortune I still live after that fact. What I wish to say Danyel, is use what gifts you have, but don’t let this power overcome you. Either of you.”

“We won’t, sir.”

“We will be fine, Good Father.”

“I don’t want to see you change into the monster that you despise, Danyel.”

“I will not become like the Goa’uld.”

“Bring me back my son, Danyel; that is all that I ask for.” Kasuf looked first at Daniel and then towards Jack, “Both of my sons. At the end of your adventure, I want both returned in the same way that I have just witnessed them.” Both ‘sons’ were stunned into silence by the declaration; the only thing that either could do was nod.

Jack gave a slight cough then said, “We must leave, Kasuf.”

In return, Kasuf laid his sight on Jack in a way that made him very uncomfortable, “Good Father.”

“Um, sorry?”

“You must call me ‘Good Father’.” Daniel’s eyes widened with Kasuf’s command. His Good Father knew. Oh no.

“Uh, are you sure?” Jack was confused, and he wasn’t sure which stare was making him more anxious. All three other men were looking at him in different funny ways. He couldn’t decide which concerned him more.

“You must, my Good Son.” Now it was Jack’s turn for his eyes to go wide. It had been over ten years since the last time anyone had ever called him ‘Son’. It was unnerving at best.

“Ok, Goo-- Good Father.” There. He said it. Now could they all stop staring? Jack tilted his head towards the doorway, indicating to Daniel that they really had to floor it. Who knew what could have happened to Thor in all this time? Everyone had noticed the gesture, and knew what it had meant.

“Before you go, just one more thing.”

“I’m sorry Good Father,” Daniel said, “but we must really get going/”

“I forgive you, my son.”


“You do not need it. I should not have to say this to you, but I will if it eases the weight on your heart. I forgive you for Shau’ri, for my daughter’s death.”


“Oh, for cryin’ out loud… Kas--- Good Father, this was probably not the best time to mention this.”

“I believe it was.”


“Once you leave here, you won’t be coming back for a very long time. Now go, my son and my Good Son. Do what you must to save your friends.”

They both said their good-byes, and gave Skaara the same warrior’s greeting.

“I grant you both good wishes. You will need them,” said Skaara, giving both an electric smile, and began to wave as Jack and Daniel left their compound.

They were back on the path to the Asgard home world.

(to be con’t)




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