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SG1 Vids

Song: Love Me When I'm Gone
Band: Three Doors Down

Spoilers: Lost City (parts 1 & 2)
Synopsis... sort of <g>
It's supposed to be J/D slash but I think it only got up to friendship with just a tad more emphasis on Jack... yeah, that bit even surprised me! ;)

Song: In The End
Band: Linkin Park

Spoilers: Anything from Season5 and below, and Season 6's "Full Circle"
Synopsis: A team centric vid.


Real Player (.rm 5,86MB)
Windows Media (.wmv 11.3MB)
Song: Dumb Girl
Song Artist: Lucy Woodward

Spoilers: Season 4
Synopsis: I like seeing Sam and Daniel as the Wondertwins™ (can find icons to this effect under "LJ Icons").
::shrugs:: It's just lots of fun to play with. I hope you enjoy this vid of sibling rivalry over a man they both want to lurv. *beg*
NB Despite the title of the song, I don't see Sam as dumb... a tad misguided, but not dumb. :)


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Windows Media (.wmv 11.3MB)

Song: Ghetto Superstar
Song Artist: Ol' Dirty Bastard and Mya

Spoilers: Season 3, 4, 6
Synopsis: um... They're all Superstars. lol. I loved this song for ages, and couldn't help but put clips to it. I tried to make it Gen, but in some eyes it might look like a little Slash had crept in. There's actually a tid bit of Het too (the good kind, not S/J lol!).

Real Player (.rm 11.1MB)
Windows Media (.wmv 13.5MB)
Song: Make Up Your Mind
Song Artist: Theory of a Deadman

Spoilers: Season 2, 6, 7
Not much of one, except it's a J/D vid. A bit of self-indulgence ('cause obviously my previous attempts at vidding weren't, right? *snicker*)... okay, make that an extra bit of self-indulgence this time 'round.
Real Player (.rm 10.4MB)
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