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SG1 Art - Manips n' Stuff

Just Don't Stop...
Slash - J/D. Poor Jack has to compete with a doodled wall. *eg*

Gen. A Jack/Homer collage.
First Star
Slash - J/D. Two WPs using the same J/D pic.
Slash - J/D. Two WPs using the same J/D pic.
Indiana Jackson
Gen. Archiologsits are some of the best dreamers...
Gen. Daniel asked about it in Thor's
, and Sam figured it out in time for Singularity.
Goa'uld: Osiris
Gen. A WP showcasing the Goa'uld,
in this case it's Osiris. (May work on others eventually. )
Man of Mode
Slash - J/D. Inspired by the Restoration lit, "Man of Mode."
Full Circle
Gen/Slash - J/D. By Season Six, we've come full circle.
Episode Series
- challenge from Thalassa's Stargate Art Group
Jack O'Neill
Daniel Jackson
Sam Carter
Jonas Quinn
Right of Passage Series
General Hammond
Jack O'Neill
Daniel Jackson
Janet Fraser
Sam Carter
Got Milk? Series
Jack O'Neill
Daniel Jackson
Sam Carter
Missing Scenes
(named after their respective episodes)
Who else visited Sam during Grace?
There's something familiar about Seth...
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Learn To Trust
J/D - *spoils Season Nine*
v.1 1024x768
v.2 1024x768   800x600

(S9 caps from Gateworld)



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