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Title: Small Victory, part of the Dream Series
Author: Artifuss
Email: Arti@rogers.com

Summary: Someone's in Sam's house.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Chimera... pretty much, I've just spoiled you by telling you there's a guy named Pete. And that's about it.
Category: PWP (Porn Without Plot)
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Sam/Pete

Archive: Um... yeah sure... you serious? Email me if the answer is yes.
Disclaimer: Laughing hard now, ’cause there’s no way that Stargate or anything related to the show is possibly mine. You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.
Author’s Note: "The Next Move" apparently has a sequel of sorts. And this is it. It's also a result of a dream I had... I'll let you figure that one out, lol.
Lots and lots of thanks to bria_ferguson for betaing. :)

Small Victory

One sun was setting over the mountains as the other one was high above, yet she didn’t feel the heat that should have been generated by the twin stars. Looking down from the sky and onto her front lawn, she found Teal’c meditating on the grass on one side of her walk-way, with Pete imitating him on the opposite side. Sam was about to ask Pete if he knew what he was doing, apparently having reached Kel’no’reem, but the low groan coming from inside her house stopped her.

Someone was in trouble, someone needed her inside.

Slowly searching around the interior, looking for answers she was seeking, Sam found that the groans were at their loudest as she passed the stairway leading to her attic.

As she carefully made her way up the stairs, Sam realized that what she was hearing wasn’t someone in trouble, but someone being fucked, hard. With each distinct loud slap of skin against skin, someone was audibly gasping and occasionally groaning in need caused by friction. She wasn’t hearing fear, it was pleasure.

At the top of the stairs was a solitary door, which was cracked open slightly, kept her from seeing, from knowing who had the audacity to find such enjoyment while in her home.

Everything grew quiet while she stood there, driving away any hesitation she felt about intruding on the couple within. Pushing the door open, she moved to step inside but found it hard to make anything out due to lack of light. Though, walking further into the room, she could make out the backside of a man’s body, with a pair of legs wrapped around the lower back and a pair of arms wrapped tightly around the man’s neck. The man’s hips were slowly thrusting forward into the body that was wrapped around his. The room tilted in result, as it was drenched with moans, gasps, and the occasional sigh resulting from the continual penetration.

Sam moved forward, needing a closer look. A strong muscular frame came into better focus, with a taut ass, broad shoulders, and silvering hair. With one final step towards the couple, and Sam could also see the top of another head, which was barely moving in accordance with each languid thrust, while leaning forward on the arms circled around the silver-haired man. The leaning head had short brown hair – and Sam gasped, having an idea of who these two people were. But that notion was impossible, since they wouldn’t do this, especially not in her home.

The head rose off of the arms, the face no longer hidden; piercing blue eyes staring directly into her own. Daniel’s face looked smug as he whispered, “Hi, Sam.”

His head fell back, his eyes closed, and his jaw slackened as the Colonel picked up his pace and pushed him into an explosive orgasm.

Her CO looked towards her direction, only to dismiss her presence as he sought for Daniel’s mouth with his own, his thrusts faltering, making it evident that Daniel wasn’t the only one to have found that sweet ecstasy.


Sam flew into a sitting position, gasping for air, as it took a few moments for her to realize that it was all just a dream, though it had felt so real. Her house never had an attic.

A groan emanated from under her covers, startling her. Sam whipped her head in the direction of the muffled sound, seeing a man’s hand emerge from underneath the duvet, searching for her. As the hand found her leg, the covers lifted enough for the head underneath to be seen.

“You ar-right, babe?” Pete asked in concern while stroking her inner thigh. Though still groggy from his sleep, he was awake enough to realize that something had troubled his partner.

“I’m fine,” she whispered, “it was… just a dream.” She tried to form a smile as she said, “It was a little confusing.”

“Dreams normally are, sweetheart.” Pete moved the covers away, and persuaded Sam down into his arms. Holding her close, he placed a kiss on top of the head of the woman he had fallen head over heels for. “Think you can go back to sleep?”

“Mhmm,” as she was nearly there, feeling safe in her lover’s arms.


“Damn it, Jack!" Daniel ached. Jack was so tight, as the spasms rocked through his body, encasing and pulling hard on Daniel’s cock. In one final thrust, his seed rushed out of his body and into the man he loved.

As their movements had stilled, Jack placed his left hand over the nape of Daniel’s neck, pulling him down till their foreheads touched. Their bodies were fully wrapped around each other, their sweat cooling over their skin, desperately attempting to regain their breath.







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