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Title: The Next Move, part of the Dream Series
Author: Artifuss
Email: Arti@rogers.com

Summary: Who would make the next move? Response to Joy's Masturbation Month™ challenge.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Category: PWP (Porn Without Plot)
Pairing: J/D

Archive: Um... yeah sure... you serious? Email me if the answer is yes.
Author’s Note: Major thanks, kudos and cookies to Nicci for the Alpha, Dith for the Beta, and Bria for the Alpha-Beta.

The Next Move

“Stop that now, Daniel!”

“Why? It’s something that you want, isn’t it?” Daniel whispered. Jack hovered over him, panting out harsh breaths of hot air. They were close, but not enough for any meaningful contact which left Daniel to handle his own desires…literally. He was touching himself, since Jack wasn’t going to do it. He pulled on his cock in long hard strokes, putting on what he hoped was a pleasurable show for his friend. Daniel had decided it was time for Jack to face the facts. They both wanted to take their relationship to that one final step, and he was going to push Jack into admitting it.

Daniel had invited him over for a game of chess, and Jack accepted the offer, not knowing that he was the ‘King’ that Daniel had planned to checkmate. Daniel made the first move of their game by opening the front door and allowing Jack entry. On Jack’s turn, he asked for a drink as he took off his coat, hanging it over the closest chair he could reach. For Daniel’s next move, he told Jack to help himself to the fridge, as he disappeared into the bedroom. This was going to be the quickest game they’ve played yet. And Daniel was set to win.

Walking into his room, Daniel took his time to remove his clothing. Once fully undressed, he began to lazily stroke himself as he sat on his bed, leaning against the headboard. Being fairly aroused and confident that his strategy would work, Daniel finally called out to his prey. And in merely a few seconds more, his opponent’s King was checked.

Jack could have left—left him, left his house, left his life. Instead he stood there in the doorway and watched as Daniel fondled his balls, while watching Jack in return, keeping his erection in plain sight for Jack to view.

Jack didn’t say a word, as he walked into Daniel’s room. He didn’t say a word as he crawled onto the bed on his hands and knees. He didn’t stop until he was poised over Daniel. He only had to shift his gaze downwards a bit to watch Daniel’s hand gripping his own cock. He was so close that Daniel was sure Jack could feel the all encompassing heat from within him.

Jack leaned in even closer, his hot breath trailing along Daniel’s skin as he moved toward his ear. “You can’t be doing this Daniel. We can’t be doing this. You have to stop.” If Daniel tilted his head just slightly, he was sure that Jack would be mouthing his ear.

But despite the proximity, Daniel wasn’t listening.

“You want this. You want me, don’t you Jack?” He asked. He knew the answer was yes, but he wanted to hear Jack’s admission, even though he wasn’t really expecting one any time soon.

Jack lifted his right hand, letting it ghost over and along Daniel’s cock, still not quite touching him. It was driving Daniel crazy that he had to do all the work, it was his own hand setting him on fire, making himself sweat, wanting nothing more than for Jack to take over as his balls felt heavy, pre-come pooling around the slit of his cock.

Daniel watched Jack as he took it all in. A strangled noise tore from Jack’s throat, “Christ. What do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me, Jack.” It was the same conversation he had dreamt nearly every night for the past couple of months. Touch, lick, kiss, suck me off, “Damn it, anything! Just stop being an ass about this!”

Jack growled deep in his throat as he pushed at Daniel, demanding that he move further down the mattress till they were matched head to toe. His hands found their way on either side of Daniel’s shoulders as he lowered himself down, but Jack froze just inches away from punishing the other man’s mouth with his own.

He closed his eyes tight, “I can’t do this.” Despite his words, he didn’t move away.

“But you want me, Jack. You want my body. You want me to spread my legs for you, don’t you? Want me to lift my ass in the air, right? You want me to pull my cheeks apart for you…so you can push your cock deep inside of me. I bet you want me to beg for it, too.”

Mesmerized by the words as they cast their spell, Jack hadn’t moved at all. Daniel took the opportunity to wrap his legs and arms around Jack’s still clothed body, pulling the older man down on top of him, taking most of his weight. Having Jack where he wanted, Daniel began to thrust his hips upwards, feeling the other man’s cock grow quickly in response.

“Shit!” Jack had ground out, leaning his forehead as much as possible on the mattress beneath. “No, Daniel…”

But Daniel wouldn’t listen; instead he pushed his hips up harder and faster as he whispered in Jack’s ear, “I’ve seen you watch me Jack. I know you’ve wanted to fuck me for a long time now. Here’s your chance, Jack. I’m ready. Do whatever you want. I want it. I want you. I want your hand and lips around my cock, I want your mouth sucking on my balls, and I want your dick deep inside my ass. Take it all, Colonel. Please! I need it.”

Daniel was making Jack’s dick harder with every push and with every little dirty word that he panted in his ear. Jack gripped Daniel’s left shoulder, as his right hand pulled at his hair with just enough force to get Daniel to bare his neck for him. Lowering his face, he inhaled Daniel’s scent deeply, and began to rub his nose against Daniel’s skin to find the younger man’s pulse point. Finding it, he started to nip and suck hard in that sensitive area as his hips pushed downwards, pressing his erection into the other.

][ ][ ][ ][

Daniel threw his head back as he bit down on his lower lip, trying hard to stop himself from making any noise. His come was racing its course through his shaft and out onto the scrub before him, as the image of Jack on top of him faded away.

Jack was killing him slowly. That ass of a friend was deliberately getting into his space at his every convenience, only to leave his arousing scent behind in his wake. He caught all those little glimpses that Jack was trying so hard to disguise. His ruse was absolutely worthless. Daniel knew what was going on in Jack’s head, because the same tune was playing in his own.

He had to clean himself up, had to remove the remaining evidence of his impromptu off-world jerking session from his hands and get back to his study. But he also had to get a sufficient amount of air back into his lungs and will his legs to hold him up. He couldn’t believe how hard it was to let go of this particular fantasy. There were small differences each time, as he thought of better ways to seduce Jack into either fucking him or being fucked by him. But the premise was always the same. He would try his best to compel a reluctant Jack into his bedroom and onto his bed, to have his wild and wicked way against the resistance.

Leaning against a tree, with his hand inside his opened fly and wrapped around his still hard penis, he decided that he was going insane.

“Well that was impressive,” drawled a voice behind him, roughly at four o’clock… as Jack would say.

He should have cared. He should have jumped a hundred feet away from the sound of that voice…well, any voice would have had him flying away normally, but evidently nothing would move him this time. He really was going insane. Daniel turned his head to face the unexpected voyeur, “Hope you enjoyed that. Our next show will be at six, tonight.”

The interloper quietly moved over to the tree that he was leaning against, only stopping when his chest was touching Daniel’s arm. “What were you thinking?” Daniel found that Jack’s voice was a bit husky as he asked his question.

“I was thinking that I could have a little bit of time to myself. I needed a break.” This has gone on for far too long, Jack.

“No,” Jack said, as his mouth nearly grazed Daniel’s jaw, his eyes intense in their search for an answer, effectively sending a shiver through Daniel’s relaxed body, “What were you thinking just before you blew your load?”

They had been in each other’s space, taunting each other with their mutual desires for months. In the beginning, he did everything short of sending Jack an internal memo, attempting to let the other man know that he wasn’t alone in thinking that they would be good together. But since Jack had been pretending… badly… that he didn’t recognize any of Daniel’s signals, he reluctantly followed suit. Which resulted in a great deal of right handed action the moment he got home from the SGC. This was the first time he ever tried it off world, for this very reason… he just got caught. He was truly lucky that it was only Jack that had found him and not Sam or Teal’c as well.

“Well, if you must know, Linear B always excited me this way. I couldn’t handle translating another structure until I did something to relieve my growing…enthusiasm.”


“I thought so.”

“Something’s missing though.”

“Oh?” What was Jack on now? Missing? He just came enthusiastically right in front of his friend, let alone the leader of his team and there was something he missed?

“Yeah, here let me…” He was quick in action, as always. Jack had reached into Daniel’s pants, his thumb rubbing over his sensitized cock, which had Daniel gasping for air, leading him to emitting a low groan from the near pain of Jack’s intrusion. Jack pulled his hand out of Daniel’s pants, and raised it up close to Daniel’s face, as he moved to stand directly in front of him.

Using his thumb, he smeared some of the remnants of his come onto Daniel’s lower lip.

“There.” He nodded in satisfaction, ostensibly happy with his work and the sight before him, “Do you ever taste yourself?”

Seemingly hypnotized by the mere suggestion, Daniel closed his eyes and began to tentatively lick his lips as he thought over his answer. He was surprised to find that he wasn’t the only one doing so. He felt the slight pressure of Jack’s upper body leaning against his, his tongue and lips against his own.


Jack pulled away slightly to ask, “You haven’t told me yet. What were you thinking?”

“Um, about you actually.”

“Really? I got you off like that?” Jack tilted his head slightly, a small smile forming on his wet lips. His eyes, crinkling at the corners, shone with amusement.

Daniel wanted to laugh from the total absurdity of their position, and ended up smiling himself as he answered, “Something like that.”

“Yeah, well... We’ll have to further discuss this tomorrow night. When we’re on Earth, off duty, my house, stuffed with pizza and beer.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

“That’s what I do.”





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